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Featured here are some of the entrepreneurs that participated in BEDC's pop-up markets. Learn more about these up-and-coming Brookings businesses and check out other BEDC events supporting the entrepreneurial community!

Why Brookings?

Thinkers and Doers

Brookings is a community of thinkers and doers. Everyone in the area is supportive of new ideas and concepts. Our community rewards hard work and honest leaders.

Seth Koch
Head Brewer and General Manager, Wooden Legs Brewing Company

Seth Koch

Supportive Community

The Brookings community thrives on being engaged and developing relationships to build a stronger civic presence among its businesses. That support is not something you will find in every community and is one of the reasons we decided to start Hitch Studio here.

Carrie Kuhl
Co-Owner of Hitch Studio

Carrie Kuhl

SDSU Research

Investments by BEDC and Vision Brookings have allowed South Dakota Innovation Partners to move forward with the establishment of multiple start-up companies derived from SDSU research.

Mark Luecke
CEO - South Dakota Innovation Partners

Mark Luecke

Top Rated Community

We are fortunate to live in a community that is rated as one of the best in the country to live, work and play. It takes strategy and leadership to make that happen.

Jeff Rief
President/CEO - Larson Manufacturing

Jeff Rief

Community Partnerships

For the past ten years the Brookings area has experienced substantial growth as the result of a strong business community and partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Mike Ningen
President/CEO - Clites Electric

Mike Ningen

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The Carrot Seed Kitchen Company

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Events and Networking

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