Alright Games

Brookings Entrepreneur Name: Chris Williams

Business description: Alright Games is an independent board game developer founded by Chris Williams. Currently, we are in the process of prototyping games and are looking for artists and playtesters to work with.

Why did you participate in the BEDC sponsored Pop-up Market?

I decided to be a part of the Brookings Pop-Up Market because I wanted to get my company name out there, get some feedback on our prototype games, and to meet potential artists and playtesters. I also really enjoy the Brookings community and wanted to do more to be a part of it.

How did the BEDC Sponsored Pop-up Market impact your business? 

I really liked the Pop-Up Market and I think it was a fantastic idea. It was a great way for new businesses to test the waters and get feedback on their ideas. I really hope that it can happen more often!

Business contact information:





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