Infinitea Boba

Brookings Entrepreneur Name: Saori Kubota

Business description:

Infinitea Boba sells flavored tea and milk tea with boba. Boba drinks were invented in Taiwan in 1980’s and became popular in a lot of Asian countries. Later they became popular also in big cities in the U.S. Boba is basically a big tapioca ball made from from cassava roots. You suck them up through a fat straw with a tea drink! Boba has texture like gummy bears.

Why did you participate in the BEDC sponsored Pop-up Market? 

I love boba so much but there is not a single store sells boba in Brookings or around Brookings. A lot of people even don’t know about boba, so I wanted everyone knows about boba. I am seriously thinking to open my own boba shop in future but I wasn’t sure how people in Brookings would react to boba. I thought Pop-Up market would be a great opportunity to see how people react to boba and see if it would be good idea to open a shop in Brookings.

How did the BEDC Sponsored Pop-up Market impact your business?

I don’t have my business yet, but it affected me in a good way! People told me their honest opinions and some people even gave me some advices. Some people didn’t even want to try it but that made me think “I have to come up with something to make them try at least!” Actually a lot of people asked me if I have business cards or website, so it was really nice to know they are interested in my ‘business’.

Business contact information: 

Email :

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