Jarzee Images, LLC

Brookings Entrepreneur Name:  Becky Carpenter-Barnes

Business description: 

We are a creative company who’s focus is on Art, Photography and Graphic Design. Our creative team members design art using both acrylic and oil paints. Our creativity extends to the design of wonderful pieces of work using ceramics and other various mixed media. Additionally, we provide graphic art works which includes various design work including: logos, publication design and a variety of marketing materials for both print and web. Our photography and creative artist has an extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. This allows us the ability to do portraits and editing, events, still life, travel and photo restoration, design manipulations as well as photo-computerized art. We are always happy and ready to discuss your creative needs.


Why did you participate in the BEDC sponsored Pop-up Market?

We felt this event would be a good  stepping stone to get out to meet more of our new business entrepreneurs and chat with our fellow community members. Visitors that stop by our booth had lots of questions to ask about our art work and painting parties (Spirited Strokes). Many individuals were in the creative business themselves and offered great snippets of advice.

How did the BEDC Sponsored Pop-up Market impact your business?

Through our conversations and contacts, we made connections with fellow artists and business memebers who provided us with resources to display and sell our work.
Additionally, we received a wealth of useful marketing advice for our next big event which is the Brookings Art Festival. We hope you will come out and see us!

Business contact information: 

Web: http://www.jarzbeeimages.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JarzBee-Images-LLC-193567501003304/

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